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How Can Your Business Get New Leads Online?

B2B Content Boost Lead Gen and Marketing Ideas

Lead generation for today’s numerous online businesses is continually evolving. More customers than ever before will find your company via online searches. Make it easy for consumers to discover you by building a strong brand presence.

Customer Reviews and Referrals

Customer reviews are powerful lead generation tools. Who better to demonstrate the quality of your business than actual customers?
Positive reviews give your business immediate credibility and are effective in attracting fresh leads. You can send satisfaction surveys to customers, enable reviews on social sites, and directly ask happy customers to write a review of your company. Better yet, have them record a brief video of why they are satisfied with your service or product.

Google AdWords PPC

Google Ads are one of the most effective ways for companies to generate leads. Although you need a budget to run the ads, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.
You can also use image and video ads to reach your audience. You can generate targeted leads by using a combination of image ads and search ads.
You are competing with many other similar companies, so carefully craft your ad campaigns. You want your ad to reflect your brand, convey trustworthiness, and be visually appealing.
When you create your ad, make sure it includes these four elements:

  1. Your best keyword in the headline.
  2. A description promoting your company’s best features.
  3. An easy-to-understand call to action.
  4. Your website URL.

Google My Business

If your business has a physical location, you can take advantage of all the features Google My Business offers. You can post content, photos, customers can leave reviews, and you can present your company’s best features to anyone searching for similar companies in your area.

Mobile search is used by busy consumers on-the-go who search using questions instead of a word or phrase. Getting positive reviews on Google My Business helps you attract leads and customers.


Create a Facebook group specifically for people in your business niche. You can position yourself as an industry expert and provide useful information and tips. Use your Facebook business page to publicize the group and your website.
Your Facebook page should include customer reviews and recommendations, as well as entertaining and informative content. Positive social proof is a very effective lead generation technique that can help your business.
Facebook Ads can reach a large target audience with great accuracy. You can filter your target audience based on geographic area, age range, as well as other demographics, behaviors, and interests. Select Automatic Placements to allow Facebook to determine the best positioning of your ads.
Offer a free download, discount, or service to generate more responses. Include an Intro section within your ad. Don’t forget to select and customize one of the Instant Form CTAs. Facebook ads can help you generate many new leads for your business.


The higher your business site ranks on Google, the more traffic and leads will flow your way. If you’re not on page one of the search results, the chance of consumers finding you is greatly reduced.
To get more visibility and rank your pages higher, you’ll want to make strategic use of relevant keywords and useful, well-written content. Think of keywords and long-tail keywords that your customers search for. An example of a long-tail keyword can include a location, such as Honolulu, Hawaii catering.
Your website will benefit from having an About Us section, Blog, FAQ section, and Contact Us pages all SEO-optimized and filled with excellent content. Also, showcase the quality of your business by including customer testimonials. Your site must be mobile-responsive and load quickly, or you may lose valuable leads.

Email Marketing

Set up a landing page offering a useful free report or eBook. Visitors to your website or social media pages can receive a helpful resource in return for providing contact information like a name and email address.
You can also create email challenges like, “30 Day Challenge to Help You….” Then each day’s content is loaded into an autoresponder. When prospective customers join the challenge, the content is sent to their email daily. This is a great way to develop trust and connections which may eventually result in business for your company.

Diversify Your Lead Generation Efforts

With so many similar companies competing for customers, you need to explore all lead generation options. Implement several and track the results to see what is most effective.
A positive customer experience is one of the most important factors in generating new leads for your business. If your service is excellent and your customers are happy, encouraging customer reviews and testimonials will make your online lead generation efforts easier. Implementing a combination of positive social proof, ad campaigns, and an impressive website will help your company attract new leads and future customers.

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