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How to Get Enough Content for Your Blog

How to Get Blog Content

The struggle to generate enough content for your blog is real, am I right? Even if you churn out article after article, it is never enough. The need for the next piece of content is always right around the corner.

What Is PLR and How Do I Use It in My Business?

PLR is a type of content in which the original author grants you, the purchaser, the right to use the article as your own. PLR literally means, “Private Label Rights.”

When you purchase PLR, you are purchasing content that is not exclusive to you. Others with online businesses or blogs may be purchasing the exact same content.

The value is understanding how to make PLR work for you. It’s easy.

How to Use PLR in Your Business

When you purchase a PLR product, you want to find an article or set of articles related to your niche or business theme. The content must be relevant to your readers and the traffic you hope to attract.

Read the PLR license included in your purchase. This outlines exactly what you have the right to do with the PLR. Sometimes there are minor restrictions, for example, you cannot give away the content for free to others. In general, you can usually use the PLR you purchase in many ways that will benefit your business.

Ways You Can Use PLR (Check Your PLR License)

  • Blog Posts
  • Website Content
  • Lead Generation (Free resources in exchange for contact info)
  • Divide Articles Up for Social Media:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube (Use content to create videos)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Membership Sites
  • Online Courses

Why Use PLR if Others Have Access to the Same Articles?

This is a very important point. It is important to consider how you will use the articles.

You may want original content for site articles and blog posts. It is easy to customize PLR as if you wrote it yourself. (Pro tip: You can also outsource this.)

PLR saves your valuable assets

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy

PLR solves your content needs

  • Quantity of content
  • Continuous content

Depending upon your purpose for the PLR content, you may be able to use the PLR right out of the box, as is. At the minimum, add your branding and contact information when relevant.

Before Using PLR articles, check for:

  • Clarity of message
  • Add your branding
  • Readability
  • Run through Grammarly for spelling errors
  • Make sure spelling is consistent for your location (Example: American English)
  • Insert Your Call-to-Action

If you are using the content for your blog or website, customize the content to make it your own. This does not involve a big investment of time but is critical for establishing your authority in your space. It also helps your SEO. The call-to-action allows you to direct readers to the next logical step on their journey with you.

Go through the article, paying attention to the beginning paragraphs and the closing paragraph. If you have other blog articles or relevant content on your website, create some links to those articles at appropriate points to guide the reader to other content on your site.

B2B Content Boost Customize Your Article

How Do You Know Where to Get Great PLR?

One of the best ways is to follow the advice of experienced entrepreneurs, copywriters, and marketers. Quality content can bolster your reputation and save you valuable time.

Poor content does just the opposite. You may have to spend hours just to salvage the article. It is possible to spend longer rewording lousy articles than it is to write from scratch.

At B2B Content Boost, we are professional writers. We only recommend PLR that is high quality.

B2B Content Boost produces quality content that provides maximum value to clients and customers. It takes time to recognize the best content makers, and once you do, it is important to develop a connection with them.

Before you make a PLR purchase, try to read a sample from the PLR provider. Most PLR providers have sample packs of articles, just like copywriters and freelancers have portfolios to show clients.

Who Can Benefit from Using PLR?

Small to Medium Businesses


Independent Contractors



Social Media Managers

Internet Marketers



Using PLR allows your business to be present in many online places at once. This enables you to meet your customers and clients wherever they are.

You don’t need a huge budget. PLR can relieve the pressure you feel of producing endless amounts of content. Your time is valuable and PLR is one way of saving time while continuing to get results.

Look here for a comprehensive package of PLR articles to get you started. A huge compilation of the latest PLR tips, strategies, and information is available right now.